Soul Purpose


Discovering your Soul Purpose is simply one of the most empowering things we can do!

When I discovered mine, it confirmed much of what I suspected, shed light on many things that I either took for granted or thought everyone could do, and gave me much-needed confidence, helping me to step out of self-doubt and into my own skin.

The system I work with uses the vibration of your name (everything’s energy, right?) to establish the codes held in your Soul Blueprint. These are your own unique codes, that hold everything you need in order to know your soul’s purpose for you in this lifetime. 

Whatever stage you are at on your Soul Ascension Journey, your blueprint will provide you with clarity, a sense of purpose (so much more than one you just chose or made up!), and ultimately great fulfillment on every level.

The codes help you make sense of your past, your challenges, and reveals to you what gifts and talents you have and need to use in order to transmute your challenges into your gold.

No more feeling lost or confused. No more guessing.

It’s like a fog lifting, revealing the truth of who you are at your core – your true essence.

Reading normally resonate on a deep level, and often provide that clarity and call to action you were looking for.

A Soul Purpose Reading is an in-depth exchange between you and me, where we explore the codes held in your chart(s), and you go away with much to integrate and absorb. 

People often find they the 12-week program Living In Alignment is the next step on their journey. During these 12 weeks, we work together, and you come to understand your codes in more depth, and learn how to use them going forwards, and how to use the system as a “sat-nat” system for navigating your way through life. It shines a light on your path, at every stage, should you choose to refer to it.

It is also possible to Upgrade your Soul Blueprint. This is a one-hour ceremony. It can be a one-off session, or you can choose to do it as often as you desire to accelerate your journey (although I would not advise doing this more frequently than at 3 month intervals).

For further information about discovering your Soul Purpose, please visit my sister site to find out more about readings, upgrades, and programs – Quantum Creation Oracle.

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