My Most Magnificent Me!

This 12 week program is aimed at Mums who are struggling with motherhood. This can be Mums with newborns, or grown-up kids! 

Becoming a Mum can present many challenges that create guilt, shame, frustration, confusion, dis-empowerment – let’s face it, we live in a patriarchy, so the odds are stacked against us and it can be difficult to balance the masculine with the feminine at the best of times, let alone when we have children to raise too. A task that falls predominantly to us women.

This program is about looking at where you are now, and identifying what you want to change – a balance you want to address – and creating a personalized path to becoming “My Most Magnificent Me”, without throwing the baby out with the bath-water, running away, or being secretly (or not-so-secretly) frustrated, resentful, and angry! 

When we’re in the thick of it, it can be impossible to see the way out.

Let me help you find your way, to reconcile your new identity with your previous one so that you feel happy and whole, and establish the way forward in a way that enables you to be “me” as well as “mum”.

This is the process I specialize in, that I call “Mumolution” – part evolution; part revolution! And is designed because I recognize how hard it can to be to grow personally/emotionally/mentally/spiritually while helping our little ones to grow too! But I also know that when we put our own needs first, and prioritize our own sense of happiness and fulfillment, that creates a ripple effect that impacts on our nearest and dearest too, and beyond.


Living In Alignment

This 12 week program is aimed at anyone – male or female – who wants to grow spiritually. 

The program is based on the Soul Purpose system that I work with, and gives you the opportunity to explore what your soul purpose means to you, right here and now and how to live increasingly in alignment with it using this tool.

During the 12 weeks, we will revisit your codes, establish the areas you want to bring more balance to, and start integrating these changes in your way of living. 

We will shine a light on your gifts and talents, so you can gain insights into how these can enable you to overcome and transmute your current challenges, and help you achieve your goals chosen for you, by you.

This is a rich and fluid program, which means we can go anywhere and address any issue(s) you would like. I incorporate therapeutic and healing techniques where required to catalyze the change and evolution you seek.

In just 12 short weeks, you will be able to reflect on your journey and look back at the transformation you have made.


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