Therapy and Healing

Therapy and healing take many forms. And I am qualified in many aspects of each.

But first we need to look at what suffering is, and how it comes about in our lives. 

Much of our mental and emotional suffering comes from unhealthy thought habits, which we can change. 

Unless dealt with appropriately and lovingly at the time, traumatic events can remain trapped in our systems until they are healed, and can keep us blocked or stuck and unable to move forward in the way we would like with our lives, which makes us feel unhappy, depressed, and anxious. It can effect every aspect of our lives, and we can feel like a victim of circumstances, and feel as though we’re always going around in circles. Sometimes these traumas can even begin to create physical symptoms such as migraines, arthritis, insomnia, or many other health conditions.

I can help you heal past (even forgotten) traumas from your system, and share with you techniques and understandings that will empower you for the rest of your life.

I work with talk-therapies, such as Hypnotherapy and EFT (tapping). One of the first things we all need is to feel heard! And I give you a safe, non-judgmental space for this. 

I can then take you into a relaxed state where we can explore the subconscious, and you will be amazed that can find your own solutions to the problems you are currently experiencing. This is immensely empowering! You effectively come up with your own solutions, and create your own healing.

I often teach clients how to use the EFT technique to help reduce highly emotional states and increase self-acceptance and self-love. These are two key elements to happiness and healing.

I also offer Angelic Reiki – a technique that can be offered in-person or remotely. It is incredibly gentle and simple technique – both in giving and receiving.

Absolutely any condition can benefit from an Angelic Reiki treatment – I simply channel the healing, rather than direct it. I let the angels work their magic in the way only they know best.

In a face-to-face healing session, I channel Angelic healing energy through my hands which are placed on your shoulders if you choose to be in a sitting position, or on the chest and solar plexus if you prefer to lie down. You remain fully clothed throughout.

You will have a profoundly relaxing experience, with the whole session lasting about an hour. The healing energy is channeled from the Angelic Realms via Healing Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and Galactic Healers.

The healing session can include multi-dimensional healing across generations and lifetimes.

Distance healing is equally powerful for those comfortable with the idea that energy is not bound by time or space and healing can be sent anywhere in the world through the ether.

Please allow about 45-60 minutes for your healing session.

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