Fed up with feeling stuck or going in ever-decreasing circles?

…Maybe it’s time to shine a little light on things – on your life – on your purpose!

Oh my goodness – I’m sooo excited to share this with you!!!

Now, I just want to set the scene first – I’ve been a Mum for 13+ years now, and it’s been a challenging 13 years in many ways! Some of which I’ve mastered, some of which I have just moved beyond 😉 However, until a year or so ago, the outstanding challenge that I was still facing which was to do with confidence and standing in “my own power” and really doing what I wanted to do!!!

I won’t share all the details with you now – I’ll share them here and there, now and then – but suffice to say I felt stuck, lost, confused, and frustrated. And a bit resentful too!

I had ideas of what I wanted to do, I undertook various trainings over the years (which began before kids), and the dots were definitely linked. And yet I doubted my intuition, listened too much to other people, sought approval from the wrong people, and kept to the shadows. 

Then I stumbled across the Creation Codes. I can’t tell you exactly what attracted me to them, because I’m not normally a “give-me-a-reading” kinda person! But these were different. My reading (which was part of my training in how the codes worked) literally changed my life. Let me explain…

These Codes have been created by Ariella Indigo and has its roots in Jewish Mysticism, the sacred Hebrew language, Gematria Numerology and Ancient Egypt.  The codes are derived from your name, and the vibration of the sounds (everything’s energy and vibration, right?). Sounds a bit weird, maybe? But believe me – they are so revealing and accurate – you will be surprised. I was! Your name and your date of birth create a unique combination of codes that shed light on your past, your present, and your future. In an uncanny, inspiring, and vitally empowering way. 

So here I am – offering you the chance to have a reading – to understand where your challenges fit into the bigger picture, and how to identify and use your unique gifts to overcome them, and turn them into your gold. And how, from this point forward, your life can take on a whole new energy and meaning with the gift of this new information. By shining a light on your life purpose – your soul purpose – you get an opportunity to join the dots, validate those whispers you’ve previously ignored or doubted, and tap into your intrinsic gifts and experiences, so that you can live a happier, more fulfilled and abundant life. With the effect of that rippling out to those in your family, your friends, your world…

Readings can be delivered face to face, or remotely via Skype or similar. Book a private reading to receive guidance about your Divine Gifts, Higher Purpose and how to unlock your soul’s abundance. This powerfully inspirational reading will provide you with your own unique Spiritual Road Map, giving you a navigation system to go through life with. 

Readings can also make brilliant gifts, and what a wonderful gift for Christmas for a dear friend or relative.

Please get in touch for further information, to book a full session, or to receive a FREE 20 minute mini-reading.

m: 07730 097427; e:; or PM me on messenger.

By Liz

All about being more me; being more you.

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