Laugh Love Live??? – you’re joking, right?!

29th October 2019

Laugh Love Live??? – you’re joking, right?!

My daughter came into my room this morning to show me the cover of a notebook she’d embellished herself – “Laugh Love Live” it said, and she’d coloured all the spotty cover in different bright colours. She’s 9, and there’s not much I love more than seeing her laugh, love, and live life fully. The thing I love even more is when I do it too, or when we do it together! 


But that doesn’t happen as often as I’d like, because I’m too wrapped up in chores, tight schedules, and building a business. And it’s very easy to go from one thing to another without even a smile on my face, or taking the opportunity to laugh when the kids do something funny, because it feels like there isn’t time…

I’m not saying we should be sunshine people all the time, or force ourselves to be something we’re not, but I am suggesting that in every moment – even the mundane and stressy ones (yes – especially those stressy ones) – we can choose how we see it, feel it, experience it. And THIS is one of our super-powers (of which we have many)!

The first step is simply bringing our current feeling/thinking into our awareness – becoming “conscious” of it. When I say “simply” it makes it sound easy, but it takes time to master this process. So be patient with yourself, and kind. 

Please note, this is not an exercise in beating yourself up! This is an exercise in interrupting those programs that have been set up in us all the way through our lives (particularly in our younger years), and which run on autopilot – without us being aware of it.

When you do this step – even for the first time – give yourself a big pat on the back because this is probably the hardest part. But THIS is where you begin to step into your power! THIS is where YOU CHOOSE to tweak, enhance, or change completely how you see/feel/experience something. Just interrupting the program that’s currently running makes a difference. But to REALLY make the difference, you need to replace the old feeling/thought with a new feeling/thought

This is about practise too, and about having a mini “internal conversation” AKA talking to yourself 😉 But not necessarily out loud – that’s up to you! 

So, for example, say you’re having a rubbish day. You woke up in a bad mood, the weather’s wet and windy, the kids were just not helping things run smoothly, and once you get them to school, you got stuck in traffic and you were late to work, only to be by a backlog of emails, and a report that needs to be ready for the boss like yesterday. It makes you feel like a lousy mum, a lousy employee, and a lousy person. That chattering chimp is sitting on your shoulder telling you how rubbish you are, that you’re not good enough at anything, and that if only you could win the lottery, you’d be free of all this, and life would be good. But of course, that’s never going to happen, because things like that never happen to people like you!

So, step one – notice how you’re feeling, and then dig a little deeper to discover what program’s running in the background. It could be the low-self-worth program, or the I’m-the-skivvy-around-here program, or the I’m-not-appreciated-enough program, or something else. Finding the WORDS you’re saying to yourself provide a BIG CLUE to this. So just give yourself a few moments (look break/coffee break) to just slow down a mo, and get to the bottom of this. 

Then for step two – turn it around! Literally turn it on its flip-side!! If you’re saying “I’m a rubbish mum” instead say “I’m a brilliant mum”. If you’re saying “I’m a failure – I can never do anything”, instead say “I’m a wonderful woman – I can do anything and everything I want.”. 

Step three – give it time to filter down and soak in, and then notice how quickly you actually begin to feel differentfeel better about yourself. How some of that tension you’re holding in your body just melts away… And then notice how you can begin to function better, relax a little bit more, and even break into a smile!

As they say – when you smile, the world smiles with you.

And if you’d like to take a more in-depth look at what’s going on for you – maybe you’re feeling stuck, or lost – an Oracle Reading could be just the thing to shed some light on the challenges you’re experiencing and the talents you have that will help you transform them –  into your gold! They are always uplifting, enlightening, empowering – re-connecting and helping you to understand your current experience.

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By Liz

All about being more me; being more you.

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