So, are you a mum who’s thinking about changing the direction of your life, wanting to do something new? Maybe you’re feeling smaller than you like to admit, or stuck?

Perhaps the first months or years of being a mum have changed your priorities in life, your work, your family?

This is soooo normal! You are not alone!!

The question is, what are you going to do with this desire? This yearning?

You experience boredom, frustration and resentment at being “just a mum” now, or trying to find some work that pays enough to cover the childcare costs, in an attempt to stay sane, or have your own income. You rarely feel like a great mum, and you often catch yourself counting down the hours to bedtime, the days to the weekend, the weeks to the next treat, or the years… And – oh boy – doesn’t time go so fast now?

And in those outbursts of frustration, you wish your life could be different! You wish YOU could be different! You wish you could reinvent your life so that you feel like you’re “enough” again. Maybe rekindle some of the spirit you embodied BEFORE!

You wish you knew how. You wish you knew what.

The truth is, motherhood does funny things to us, doesn’t it? It changes the way we see ourselves, and the world around us. Our body’s change, our values, and our priorities. In fact – pretty much everything! We aren’t the person we were before, and we never can be again.

And sometimes, in those rare moments of calm and tranquillity, seeds of an idea bubble up… then pop only too soon. Elusive, but real. It’s the kind of idea that just occurs – often when you’re least expecting it! It’s like a glimpse of what might be, and it expands the heart with that strange feeling in your chest… They seem promising in the dark of night, but in the cool light of day, they fade. Along with your confidence, and the clarity you had in that glimpse of magic…

But then, reality bites, and meals need to be cooked, shopping needs to be done, the dishwasher needs to be emptied, kids dropped off, picked up, some work in between. And before we know it, the idea is not revisited for far too long.

The weeks, months and years tick by. And nothing really changes.

And that’s where I come in.

I know from experience HOW LONG it can take to get something off the ground all on your own! I know how hearing the doubts of those around you, or inside your head, create an endless path of procrastination.

I also know how investing money in yourself feels impossible, when in fact it’s really the only viable option! Because somewhere inside, we don’t really believe we – or our idea – is worth it…

I know how every little excuse is carefully disguised as a real “reason”.

I know how fear can halt all progress, and force you to retreat back to the beginning.

But I also know that giving up is really the only way to fail. And that any other failure is only an opportunity to learn.

I also know that “reasons” are either surmountable, or illusional. Nothing else.

I can hear you say “What???”. And I say, “Let me show you…”

I know that when you make your dream crystal clear, and you start taking small inspired steps towards it each and every day, you begin to change your life. And you begin to step into the power that is you. The power that has been eroded over the years – by parents or teachers, or partners or birth experiences!

I know without a doubt you are 100% unique; 100% awesome.

I know that having someone on side, who truly believes in you, but isn’t afraid to challenge your thinking or your excuses, will get you further along that track in a fraction of the time! You will make glorious progress, rather than going round in never-ending circles.

So, if you’re serious about change, instead of just wishing or hoping, get in touch, and see if this is for you. That life you want may be nearer than you think.

I cannot give you the answers. But I can help you find yours!

I cannot do the work for you. But you will be accountable to me!

And when you can’t believe in you; I will!

If you’d like to know more, book your RECREATE ME! Discover Call NOW, and let’s get going!


By Liz

All about being more me; being more you.

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