Do you want to live a different life – somehow better, fuller, more deeply rewarding – but not sure exactly what that is, how to do it, or what’s stopping you?
Do you find yourself playing safe and not really pursuing your dreams – then ending up feeling resentful, or frustrated and bored?
Do you keep trying to reach escape velocity, and whenever you get within a hairs breadth of it, something just pings you right back to where you started, and you find your plans have been completely sabotaged, and you’re going round in the same old circle?

Yes – I’ve was there too!

You may have noticed words like “authentic”, “best version of yourself”, “manifestation”, “abundance” crop up in articles you read, and they make you feel inadequate AND curious – both at the same time! It’s like they awaken a new kind of hope within you, even if you don’t fully “get” what they mean.

You notice the people who “have it all”, and (you don’t like to admit it, but…) you feel envious of them. You’ve tried really hard, but somehow you never feel like you’re “enough”, and you’re tired of feeling that way.

You may even have experienced mild depression, anxiety, migraines, back ache, or other symptoms, all of which hinder you even more! 

The bottom line is, you’ve lost your POW! along with your Umph! And NOW it’s time to get it back – once, and for all. 

YOU want to POWERFULLY step into the “you” that’s waiting for you in the wings – but you don’t know how!

You dream of flying, being free, but you need to figure out what’s holding you down first, before you can soar…

Congratulations – you’re come to the right place! Why? Because my life has been a series of challenges which have provided me with the opportunity to master the art of not only “being me” – but LOVING ME, too! I’ve mastered escape velocity, and no longer need to play “lost and found” with my identity. I know who I am, and now I’m here to HELP YOU! 

If you want to re-awaken your deepest desires; reclaim your power; reconnect with your heart-song, and reignite your soul, then this whole-hearted woman invites you to work with her, to create YOUR OWN TRANSFORMATION.

To book your Hypnosis, Healing, Soul Purpose Reading, or Coaching session with me, please get in touch – or just to find out more.

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